We are always interested in any ideas you have to improve the CHS Library Media Center, including requests for new books to be added to the collection.  On this page you will find a form to provide feedback.  We welcome you to submit this form online or give your ideas directly to Mrs. Bangert.  Thanks for helping to make your library even better!

SCHOOL LIBRARIES WORK!”  This is the conclusion from more than 30 separate research studies providing evidence of the positive impact of school librarians and libraries on student learning.  This report documents the integral role school libraries play in supporting student learning.  The Missouri study featured is entitled “Show Me Connection: How School Library Media Center Services Affect Student Achievement” and was commissioned by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Missouri State Library.


Library Collage
The Clearwater High School Library Media Center is a LEARNING COMMONS.  Within its walls, you will find a computer lab, creative student artwork, comfy seating to enjoy some great reads, and friendly folks.  The library media center is open throughout the school day.  Come in before school starts, bring your own food and have lunch here, use the microwave and sink, try a refreshing drink of lemonade, warm yourself with hot chocolate, stay after school and get homework help or sit on the couch and read.  Extended hours are available by contacting the library media specialist, Mrs. Bangert.  You may reach the library directly at 573-223-2313 or within the school at extension 4333.  The main school office number is 573-223-7426 and the fax number is 573-223-3208. You may also contact us on Facebook at Clearwater High School Library.

Students may check out books for a period of two weeks at a time.  Books may be renewed for an additional two weeks as many times as needed as long as there are no other requests for the book.  We welcome your suggestions for new books and ideas to keep making the library a great place to be!

CHS Library Collection Analysis 2-4-16

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