Day 3 Challenge Results

We had 34 people participate in today’s challenge! Five students had perfect scores, so the wheel picked the 3 winners. Two teachers had perfect scores, and the wheel also chose the winner. See me Monday!

Answers: 1) 2020; 2)Coke; 3)Sophia, Rose, Dorothy, Blanch; 4)pail of water; 5) Henry’s pockets

Day 3 Challenge

I forgot to click the “publish” button, so the morning challenge is becoming just the 3rd day challenge! Answer these trivia questions to be eligible for prizes. Open until 4 pm. Top 3 get prizes but will be chosen by wheel of names if there is a tie. Don’t forget to check in with your teachers and do your work for the day!

Day 3 Challenge

Day 2 Morning Challenge Results

Eleven people participated in the morning challenge, and I let the Wheel Of Names decide the winners! See me Monday for your prize! Also–as far as the entry I found funny—tough call, but ultimately I thought it was funny that a T-Rex would even TRY to participate in competitive jumprope (so Emily Besher, that’s you!) BUT…I had to also give a Most Creative Writing Award and that goes to the marvelous Madison Whitmer who described an incident of a T-Rex trying to make friends and scaring all the children away. So Emily and Madison, stop by for your prize, too! Stay tuned for the afternoon challenge. I have a one planned, but it will take me a little time. It will post around 2.

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