The 2019 Tiger Tales yearbook has arrived and will be distributed Wednesday. Students who did not purchase a book last year may bring $40 to buy limited extras. Books will also be made available for purchase during elementary Halloween activities on a first-come, first-served basis until supplies are exhausted. Next week, any remaining books can be purchased in the main office at each school campus. For more information, contact Mary Bangert or Sarah Conner at 573-223-2313.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid Character Pumpkin


  1. Character should be designed based on a book we have in the library, or a school appropriate book that you bring from home. (The book should be displayed with the pumpkin.)
  2. Please do NOT cut into the pumpkin (because we don’t want it to rot and smell in the library!)
  3. Bring your pumpkin to the high school library by noon on Wednesday, October 30.

Look for a link on this website to vote for your favorite character pumpkin. The winner will receive a CASH PRIZE on Halloween and must be present at school, or attending a school function, in order to win. (Only students attending Clearwater High School are eligible to win.)