Mr. Matt Stahl, High School Principal

Mrs. Mary Bangert, Library Media Specialist

Mr. Terry Briley, Technology and Engineering

Mrs. Shelley Burns, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Sarah Conner, Business Education

Mr. Shannon England, Physical Education

Mrs. Tracy Henson, Communication Arts

Mrs. Christy Johnson, Family and Consumer Science

Ms. Cirsten Martin, Science

Mrs. Anita Matzker, Special Education

Mr. Joey McAlister, Physcial Education

Mr. Chuck McFadden, Social Studies

Mrs. Nancy McLain, Mathematics

Ms. Shaylin Montgomery, Communication Arts

Mr. Zac Moore, Physical Education

Mrs. Karen Pauley, Communication Arts & Foreign Language

Mr. Doug Roach, Social Studies (temporary)

Mrs. Angie Stirts, Special Education

Ms. Alyssa Thibodeaux, Band and Choir

Mrs. Vicke Visnovske, Art

Mr. Jim West, Mathematics

Mrs. Deborah Wright, Special Education

Mrs. Lora Yant, Mathematics

Mr. Mike Yates, Science

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