Day 3 Winners

This quiz was apparently more difficult that I expected! Student winners with perfect scores were Jordan Patterson and Avery Morris. Faculty winners, also with perfect scores, were Mr. German, Mrs. Roach, Mrs. Alcorn, and Mrs. Mabury. Congrats, everyone! So here is the list of winners who need to see me tomorrow:

Students: Tommy Boshears, Ally Skaggs, Nattaly Lowry, Abby Cheney, Jordan Patterson, and Avery Morris.

Teachers: Lydia Mabury (twice!), Peggy Roach, Mason German, and Brooke Alcorn.

AMI Day 2

Congrats, Tommy Boshears, for winning yesterday’s challenge! Stop by the library when we are back at school for your prize!

Today’s challenge is like one we did last year with pictures from around the school. How observant are you? Take this quiz and see! Quiz can be taken until 3 pm! Best score(s) get a prize!

How Observant Are You?