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As part of the Bright Futures Clearwater “Paint the Town ORANGE & BLACK” project, these art students helped brighten the town on Thursday with their painting skills. As next week has been declared Bright Futures Clearwater Week, EVERYONE in the community is invited to wear ORANGE & BLACK attire September 23-27. ORANGE & BLACK Bright Futures Clearwater T-shirts will also be available for sale if you need to add color to your wardrobe. Show your support!


Food Drive

  • All students, regardless of NHS membership are encouraged to participate.
  • Competition will be held between each grade level (Freshman-Senior).
  • For NHS members, 1 hour will be awarded for every 10 goods brought in. (Hours can be applied to last year’s or this year’s points.) 
  • Students should bring food to their class sponsor (Freshman-Miss Brinkley, Sophomores-Mrs. Martin, Juniors-Mrs. Henson, Seniors-Mr. McFadden).
  • Goods will be collected from class sponsors and counted by volunteer NHS members.
  • A running tally will be kept from day-to-day and posted on the television in the lobby.
  • The high school class with the most non-perishable goods brought in by the end of the month will win a free movie day, on October 31.


The Clearwater High School Library will be closed on Tuesday, September 17 as Mrs. Bangert will be attending J-Day at Southeast Missouri State University. The CHS Yearbook Staff will be joining nearly 600 area high school students and journalism instructors in workshops designed to enhance skills in writing, photography, design, editing, and sales.


Area sports fans are invited to a day full of volleyball action as Clearwater High School hosts the 40th Annual Clearwater Invitational Tournament on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

Pool A

Pool B
South Iron
West County

Pool Play Schedule
8:00 am   Clearwater vs. South Iron Pool B
8:45 am   Doniphan vs. West County Pool B
9:30 am   Greenville vs. Ellington Pool A
10:15 am Bunker vs. Jefferson Pool A
11:00 am Clearwater vs. Doniphan Pool B
11:30 am South Iron vs. West County Pool B
12:00 pm Greenville vs. Jefferson 1 Pool A
2:30 pm   Bunker vs. Ellington Pool A
1:00 pm   Clearwater vs. West County Pool B
1:30 pm   Doniphan vs. South Iron Pool B
2:00 pm   Bunker vs. Greenville Pool A
2:30 pm   Ellington vs. Jefferson Pool A

Semi-final matches are scheduled to start at approximately 3:30 pm and 4:45 pm. The championship match will start at approximately 6:00 pm. There will be no third place match.

All times are approximate. Starting with the 11:00 am games, matches will begin as soon as possible when both teams are ready to go. Pool play sets will begin at a score of 6-6 to keep the final at 25 points. There will be a point cap of 25.

The top two teams from each pool will advance into the tournament semi-final matches. Each match will be the best-of-three. The top team from Pool A will play the second place team from Pool B. The top team from Pool B will then play the second place from Pool A. The first semi-final match will start approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of pool play. There will be a 15 break, then the official warm-up. Semi-final matches along with the championship match will be played to regulation points with normal time-outs and warm-ups. There will be no point cap on semi-final and championship matches.