CHS Library Book Club

Any CHS students in grades 9-12 may join Book Club.  The dues are $5 per year which helps cover snacks and items purchased for meetings.  

• Students must have a parent/guardian sign the Book Club permission form to join Book Club meetings in person.  See Mrs. Briley for the form.

  • There is no guarantee of a field trip.  That will be determined by administration and depend on bus drivers available and the school schedule.

• Meetings will be held approximately once per month during lunch or advisory.

• Club activities will revolve around reading. Example activities could include discussion of favorite books, silent/aloud reading, book talks, browsing of new books, Google Classroom posts of new library books and links to eBooks, and other activities that promote reading.

English instructor Karen Pauley and library media specialist Cindy Briley are advisors for the Clearwater High School Book Club. If you have ideas or suggestions for activities or would like to recommend books to read and/or purchase for the school library, add your comments below.

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