0IMG_2138 Jordan Fuchs croppedIMG_2141 Potter croppedIMG_2123

Individual Papers:
1st Place: Libby Chitwood – Exploring the Role of First Lady
2nd Place: Fynn Cooper – Rockefeller

Individual Exhibits:
1st Place: Jordan Fuchs – They Call the Thing a Rodeo
2nd Place: Hope Hunden – Music
3rd Place: Alex Smith – Rollercoasters
4th Place: Kyrsten Jones – Vikings

Group Exhibits:
1st Place: Nick and Mikey Potter – Daniel Boone
2nd Place: Sarah Johnson & Mason German – The Donner Party
3rd Place: Sam Johnson, Crystal Blech, Logan Gidden, Brittany Casey, & Sierra Mays – Roaring 20s
4th Place: Emma Roach, Felicity Maughan, & Skylar Starks – Fashion
5th Place: Gabe L’Heureux & Logan Henson – WWI Trench Warfare

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