0img_5122resizedAnanda Robinson (left) and Crystal Blech (2nd from left) saw a need in their community and wanted to make a change.  With FCCLA sponsor Christy Johnson (far right), they began a program to provide coats and hoodies to kids.  Blech says, “We wanted to be the change! So as an FCCLA project we set a goal of $1,000.00 to provide at least 60 Clearwater students with a coat or a hoodie.”  Not only did they meet the $1000 goal, they exceeded it by $175.00. “We greatly appreciate the donations from School Sisters of Notre Dame, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Piedmont Rotary, Trinity United Methodist Women, Doug Aud, a few private donors, and a big thank you to Bob and Dee Kushner (middle of photo) for all of their support and help throughout this process.”

Ananda and Crystal take their motivation from Proverbs 14:31 in the bible, ” ‘To help the poor is to honor God.’ So thank you all for your generous donations and help with our project. We could never fully put into words how much we appreciate it!”

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