The polls are now closed here in Missouri.  Here are the student results:


mock-election-results-2 mock-election-results-3 mock-election-results-4 mock-election-results-5



Hillary Clinton/ Tim Kaine Democratic Party 32
Donald J. Trump/ Michael Pence Republican Party 154
Gary Johnson/ Bill Weld Libertarian Party 22
Jill Stein/ Ajamu Baraka Green Party 6
Darrell Castle/ Scott Bradley Constitution Party 4
United States Senator (Missouri)(218 responses)
Roy Blunt Republican Party 150
Jason Kander Democratic Party 48
Jonathan Dine Libertarian Party 8
Johnathan McFarland Green Party 6
Fred Ryman Constitution Party 6
United States Representative (Missouri’s 8th Congressional District)(218 responses)
Dave Cowell Democratic Party 36
Jonathan Shell Libertarian Party 25
Jason Smith Republican Party 157


Missouri Governor(218 responses)
Eric Greitens Republican Party 119
Chris Koster Democratic Party 99
Missouri Lt. Governor(218 responses)
Russ Carnahan Democratic Party 39
Mike Parson Republican Party 152
Steven R. Hedrick Libertarian Party 27
Missouri Secretary of State(218 responses)
John (Jay) Ashcroft Republican Party 156
Robin Smith Democratic Party 62
Missouri Treasurer(218 responses)
Judy Baker Democratic Party 73
Eric Schmitt Republican Party 145
Missouri Attorney General(218 responses)
Teresa Hensley Democratic Party 67
Josh Hawley Republican Party 151

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