0img_0136resizedFCCLA members, Crystal Blech and Emma Roach, have been presenting Lead2Feed weekly lessons to CMS Jr. Beta members—Ty Silvester, Drew Gayle, Ayla Keller, Laney Briley, Jeffrey White, Greta Cooper, and Jasmine Chaffin.  The students held a fundraiser at CMS and CHS on Tuesday, November 22.  They sold goat stickers which allowed participating students to wear a hat and/or pajama pants to school for the day.  The group raised $146.25 and are buying a goat to send to a third world country to combat hunger.  The students are also sponsoring a canned food drive for a local food pantry as well.

The Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program is the nation’s leading and fastest growing free leadership program, attracting more than a million students in 5,000 schools and clubs across all 50 states.  Lead2Feed is where leadership and service learning intersect for measurable results.

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