Tonight’s Black River League Tournament games at Bunker have been postponed. Tentatively, the plans are to move Monday night’s games to Wednesday with Tuesday’s games being played as originally scheduled. 

Tuesday will remain the same – Boys first round games.
Wednesday will be tonight’s games – Girls first round games (same times).
Thursday will remain the same – Boys Semis and 1 Boys Consolation game.
Friday will be Girls Semis (same times).
Saturday will remain the same as well.


If this update isn’t changed by further weather conditions, the Clearwater boys will play Bunker in the BRL Tournament at Bunker at 5:00 pm.
The Clearwater girls will play on Wednesday, January 17 at 6:30 pm against Ellington.

We do not have updated brackets yet so the following brackets are from the original schedule. Please make your own adjustments as mentioned above.
2018 BRL Varsity Girls Bracket    2018 BRL Varsity Boys Bracket 


Elementary auditions for the 2018 Clearwater Talent Showcase will be held in Mr. Montgomery’s classroom right after school on Tuesday, January 16. Middle school and high school auditions will be held in Ms. Montgomery’s classroom right after school on Wednesday, January 17. Original art will be accepted until Thursday, January 18. Bring artwork to Ms. Montgomery in the high school. The Talent Showcase will be held at 6:00 pm on Friday, February 2.


With recent state inspections resulting in weight reclassification of bridges in the Clearwater R-1 School District, some bus routes have changed with additional modifications being made to avoid overcrowding on buses. Although some of these adjustments have already taken place, the following complete list of changes in bus lineups and routes will be in effect on TUESDAY, JANUARY 16. Especially note changes in the routes of Bus 5 and Bus 8 beginning Tuesday morning.

Bus Lineups Routes 2017-18 Revised 1-11-2018