Group Exhibit

1st  – Jimmy Hutchison, Emilee Chitwood, & Faith Hoppe – The Right to Die
2nd: Skyla Mancell, Lydia Smith, & Tanner Wilkins – The Tragic Reign of Queen Bloody Mary
Tie for 3rd:
Tabby Breeden & Sadie Graham – The Becket Controversy
Wednesday Watkins, Halle Gooch, Colton Bennett, & Colton Stickferd – Hatfields – McCoys

Individual Exhibit
Jacob Aubuchon

Historical Paper
1st – Maddie Moylan – Malala

Group Performance
Caitlyn Alcorn, Elijah Fleming, Perla Mendiola, & Rachel Rowold – Conflicts & Compromises of Creationism vs Evolution

Group Website
Elizabeth Gronski, Elyxis Jordan, & Taylor Kirk – Compromise to Conflict – The Civil War



Individual Documentary
Clurie Briley – Little Rock Nine

Group Website
Rebecca Brewington & Tiffany Williams – Bloody Mary

Individual Exhibit
Zoe Stevens – Indian Removal Act

Group Exhibit
1st – Regan Kintz, Nate Norris, Timothy Aubuchon, & Greta Cooper – The Wall
2nd – Ty Silvester & Kylie Glover – Battle of the Sexes
3rd – Jordan McKinney, Natalie Hinkle, & Faith Wilkins – Second Great Awakening

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