Book Club members got first chance to check out new books that recently arrived in the high school library while sharing lunch and a little book trivia.


  1. Hello,my name is Palesa from South Africa and i just wanted to start of by saying that the book club at your school is a great intiative and somthing people like me only dream of. I actually wanted advise on how i could start one at my school,because the thing is people are willing to join, but we dont know what peolpe do at these things (the book clubs i mean) so if you have any advise it would be greatly appreciated.


    1. I’m so sorry! I am just now seeing your question. I’m not sure why I didn’t see the notification when you sent it.
      Activities that our book club does include the following:
      Members get first chance to see new library books.
      Everyone reads a certain book and then we go together to see the movie based on the book. Last year it was “Wonder.” This year, we are reading “Five Feet Apart” and will see the movie in March.
      We discuss the best books we have read and some members have done “book talks.”
      Members recommend books for the library to purchase.
      We discuss changes and improvements to the library. For example, I gave the book club a few choices and they selected the paint color for the library. I also got their opinion before I genrefied the library.
      I apologize for not seeing your question sooner. I hope this is helpful!

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