5:00 pm  Clearwater vs. Lesterville
5:30 pm  Naylor vs. Lesterville
6:00 pm  Puxico vs. Naylor
6:30 pm  Puxico vs. Lesterville
7:00 pm  Naylor vs. Clearwater
7:30 pm  Puxico vs. Clearwater

The Clearwater Girls Basketball Jamboree will be held at Clearwater High School on Tuesday, November 13. The first game of the evening will start at 5 pm. Other times are approximate. Both teams will be allowed the full warm-up period with approximately 5 minutes between games. Each game will consist of two 6-minute quarters. Team scoring and team fouls will be kept on the scoreboard and will be cleared after each quarter. Personal fouls will not accumulate or be tallied. Individual player scoring will not be recorded. Two time-outs per team per session will allow teaching and instruction to take place. Admission to help cover officials’ costs will be $3 for adults and $2 for students. A concession stand will be available.

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