Despite early road conditions threatening to preempt participation in District 20 competition at Poplar Bluff, several Clearwater FBLA members enjoyed what turned out to be a pleasant and successful day. Unfortunately, not all students were able to attend, but those who were able to compete represented CHS commendably, bringing home over 20  medals in 15 categories.


*Entries in boldface lettering advance to FBLA state competition.

1st Place Networking Concepts
Alex Smith

1st Place Management Decision Making
Faith Hoppe

 1st Place Global Business
Sydney McLain

 1st Place Hospitality Management
Gracie Bayless
Rayme Batton

 2nd Place Spreadsheet Applications
Lexi Jordan

3rd Place Personal Finance
Hannah Jennewein

 3rd Place Website Design
Rayme Batton
Gracie Bayless

3rd Place Graphic Design
Kylie Glover

3rd Place Insurance & Risk Management
Taylor Freeze

 4th Place Economics
Elijah Fleming

4th Place Social Media
Brianna Lawson
Jacob Cheney

4th Place Sports & Entertainment Management
Daylan Conner
Richy McKinney

5th Place Organizational Leadership
Hannah Jennewein

5th Place Introduction to FBLA
Will Landing

 5th Place Computer Applications
Lizzie England

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