3:00 PM           Clearwater vs. Advance
4:00 PM           Advance vs. Jefferson
5:00 PM           Jefferson vs. Twin Rivers
6:00 PM           Advance vs. Twin Rivers
7:00 PM           Clearwater vs. Jefferson
8:00 PM           Twin Rivers vs. Clearwater

The Clearwater Baseball Jamboree will be hosted by Clearwater High School on Tuesday, March 12.  All times listed are approximate.  We will start the next game when both teams are ready to go.  There is a one-hour time limit on each game.  If the time limit has been reached, we will finish the half-inning being played at that time.

Each team will play a three-inning game against the other three teams.  Each half inning will end after 3 outs or 8 runs, whichever comes first.  Each team is permitted a maximum of 9 innings for the jamboree, regardless of time limits.  Substitutions are unlimited.  Pitchers are limited to throwing 2 innings.

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