Weekend sports update

This weekend was a busy one for our athletes.

Friday night, our baseball team took on Naylor at home. Clearwater claimed the victory, winning 8-7. Coach Sheets had this to say: Friday’s game was a great rebound game for our team. We started out slow and fell behind. We did not give up and kept fighting. The boys battled back late and grabbed a walk-off win. I am proud of the way the boys responded from the night before. They fought, kept each other up, and never gave up.

Friday night and much of the day Saturday, our volleyball team competed in the Dig for Life Tournament in Cape Girardeau. Over the course of 2 days, they played 6 matches and made it to Round 2 of the tournament. Coach Ayers had this to say: We tried some different line ups this weekend. The girls worked hard and we know some areas that we need to improve.

On Saturday, our cross country team competed in the Arcadia Valley meet. Coach West had this to say: Conner Roberts had a great race improving his time by a full minute. Aiden Morin and Dylan Cook also improved their times. Ava Umfleet, Haylee Esser, Trinity Pearson, and Erin Henson all improved their times. Here are the results of the boys’ meet with their times and places: Brenden Edwards 21:38 85th; Ty Silvester 21:50 88th; Conner Roberts 25:47 121th; Aiden Morin 28:35 125th; Dylan Cook 38:46 127th. Here are the results of the girls’ meet with their times and places: Ava Umfleet 27:39 71st; Nancy Hampton 29:01 81st; Haylee Esser 29:03 83rd; Trinity Pearson 36:02 95th; Erin Henson 36:08 96th. There were around 300 high school boys and 200 high school girls in the competition.

(Baseball photos courtesy of Maegan Keister; Volleyball photos by Clurie and Cindy Briley; Cross Country photos courtesy of Darcy Edwards)

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