Important Dates from Mrs. Burns

  • 9/28/21 (Tuesday):  Three Rivers College representative visit @ 11:00AM
  • 9/28/21 (Tuesday):  4-H Youth Futures Program begins for seniors @ 11:30AM (must sign up if interested) The 4-H Youth Futures SPIN Club is a six to ten-week program that allows our students to learn about higher education/career options.  Students will meet one hour a week for six to ten weeks during school hours (Tuesdays during Advisory/Lunch). Units include the steps necessary to enroll in college or a career center, choosing and getting into college, exploring possible majors and careers, skills for life, career skills for success and financial literacy including information on the FAFSA, scholarships, grants and loans.  College-bound seniors may sign up for 1st semester.  Workforce bound seniors may sign up for 2nd semester.
  • 10/05/21 (Tuesday):  Central Methodist Representative visit @ 11:30AM
  • 10/08/21 (Friday):  ASVAB testing (all juniors and seniors needing to retest) 8AM-11:30AM
  • 10/11/21 (Monday):  Mizzou representative visit @ 11:30AM
  • 10/18/21 (Monday):  SEMO College Fair trip for seniors (all day)
  • 10/19/21 (Tuesday):  End of 1st Quarter
  • 10/20/21 (Wednesday):  Mineral Area College Fair trip for juniors 8AM-1:45PM
  • 10/21/21 (Thursday):  All grades should be submitted by 3PM.
  • 10/23/21 (Saturday):  ACT given at CHS 8AM-1PM
  • 10/27/21 (Wednesday):  Three Rivers Preview Day (seniors…and possibly juniors) 8AM-2PM
  • 10/28/21 (Thursday):  FAFSA Night 3:30-7:30PM

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