CHS Beta Attends State Convention

Sixty-two Betas attended and competed in the state convention this past weekend in Springfield. While at convention, students participated in many art and academic competitions and a state office campaign. Close to 30 Beta students placed in their categories to compete in the national convention which will be held in Nashville this summer. Ten students also took the opportunity to get a tour of MSU with Miss Brinkley.

National Qualifiers:

Division 2 is 11th/12th graders:

  • Chloe Drury: 1st place in Drawing division 2
  • Kylie Keith: 1st place in Mixed Media division 2
  • Rayme Batton: 4th place in Sculpture division 2
  • Nancy Hampton: 5th place in On-Site Painting division 2
  • Alex Chadbourne: 3rd place in Jewelry division 2
  • Noah Graham: 1st place in 11th grade Agriscience Test
  • Keegan Gracey: 2nd place in 11th grade Science Test
  • Kevin Hicks: 2nd place in 10th grade Agriscience Test

Division 1 is 9th/10th graders:

  • Kloe L’Heureux: 1st place in Fiber Arts division 1
  • Makia Luke: 2nd place in Recyclable Art division 1
  • Abby Cheney: 1st place in Color Photography division 1
  • Jackie Bartel: 4th place in On-site Painting division 1
  • Conner Roberts: 4th place in 9th grade Science Test

Club Awards:

  • 2nd place in Freshmen Problem Solving:  Erin Henson, Trevor Miller, Conner Robert, and Caitlyn Spinks
  • Living Literature (13 students): 4th place

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