CHS ESports Holds First Tournament

On April 23rd, Clearwater Esports hosted its first SSBU Solo Tournament at the CHS Gym. Richland school also attended with their SSBU team, and Pedro from Richland won the $200 1st place prize, followed by Jamie Mays from Clearwater with the $100 2nd place prize, and Chris from Richland won the $50 3rd place prize. The event was created to increase awareness for Clearwater Esports and what the program offers while also providing kids with a good environment to compete in one of the most popular titles in the area. Approximately 70 people were in attendance at its height and attendance maintained about 40 throughout the day. The event was made possible by local businesses sponsorships and Clearwater School District employees with special help from the Richland coaching staff. CHS Esports looks forward to hosting an even bigger event next year with a larger prize pool and split brackets for elementary and high school! 

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