Prom is Saturday!

Prom will be this Saturday, starting with Prom Walk at CHS at 6 followed by Prom at Eagle Sky at 7.

Prom Pictures: If getting prom pictures, you will need to pay Dawn Rowold directly at Prom. Forms were included in the original prom papers, but I have some in the library for you to pick up today if needed.

Prom Walk: Arrive by 5:45 to check in. Find the check-in table (look for balloons!) and you will be given a card with you and your date or walking partner. You will hand that card to the person announcing names for prom walk (Mr. McFadden or Mr. Keller). If it’s raining, the check in table will be in the lobby, and Prom Walk will be in the gym.

Prom: After Prom Walk, you’ll make your way to the bus or your vehicles. If in private vehicles, make sure to have your green parking permit on the rearview mirror. You don’t need your ticket. At the Eagle Sky gate, they will have a list of who should be in each vehicle, so if there are any changes, those need to be made TODAY. Follow the instructions of those at the gate. At Eagle Sky, follow instructions on where to park. You will be shuttled to the venue.

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