Thanks for a Great Prom (and what about those tickets??)

We feel like Prom at Eagle Sky was a great event and hope you had a wonderful time. Eagle Sky will be sharing their pictures with us, and those will be posted as they are made available.

I wanted to address the ticket issue so that you don’t let it ruin your evening. I told you that you didn’t need to take your ticket because your names were on either the parking permit list or the bus list. What I’m guessing happened is that one of the first to arrive handed their tickets to the gate attendants, and from then on, tickets were expected. That was a misunderstanding. If you gave up your ticket and wanted it for a keepsake, I have extras in the library. Remember that this is the first year we’ve held prom off campus and the first time Eagle Sky has hosted a prom.

If you didn’t pick up a key chain prom favor and you want one, stop by the library on Monday!

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