Wondering If You Are Exempt From Finals?

Grades 9-12:   To be considered as being exempt from taking an individual final exam in any course, students in grades 9-12 must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have no more than 4 days of absences for the semester.  For the purposes of this policy, a student will be considered absent from class for in-school suspension (ISS), out-of-school suspension (OSS), verified contact with office (V), medical (X), or regular absence (A).  School sponsored events, such as co-curricular, extracurricular, and school sponsored field trips, will not count against a student’s absences.
  • Must not be considered tardy to class or advisory  more than six (6) times during the semester.  
  • Must not have been suspended from school (OSS) at any time during the semester.
  • Must not have any grades below C  on quarter or semester report cards for the current semester.
  • All students will have the option of taking the final exams.  If a student chooses to take an exam, the score will count in the final semester grade regardless of the impact on the grade.

(The counselor’s office will produce the list of students who meet the  criteria for final exam exemptions. )

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