Field Day is Wednesday!

Here is some extra information about this year’s field day. Included is the list of rules we expect you to follow. If you cannot follow them, then you won’t be allowed to participate.

  • Students will go to their first hours and wait for field day to start at 9:00am
  • If someone has to makeup finals, they will go to Mrs. Henson’s room when field day begins 
  • Students have to go where they are signed up to be – attendance will be taken and it will be reported to the office if you are not where you are supposed to be
  • There will be no changing your schedules
  • If you cannot remember your schedule, ask the teacher you are with and they can tell you
  • Wear school appropriate clothing – you are still at school, so dress like it
  • Bring money – Mrs. Roach is going to have a concession stand by the cornhole game
  • Mr. Green is BBQing, so we will have good food
  • Be good and don’t ruin it for everyone else
  • Bring sunscreen if you are planning to be outside

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