Tigers Take On the Meadow Heights Panthers

The Baseball Tigers competed against Meadow Heights at Monday’s matchup at Clearwater.  Jackson Otwell did a great job throwing strikes and challenging hitters.  While the defense struggled a bit, there were a lot of solid corrections that kept the Tigers in the game.  Both Nathaniel Patterson and Brandon Mayes were strong offensive batters which helped the Tigers have the lead for a portion of the game.  Darin Garrett did a great job as relief pitcher.  He battled hitters through strikes.  Although ultimately Meadow Heights won the game, the Clearwater team is starting to put together better games and the drive is there to get better.  Coach Sheets said, “I see the fire in their eyes that they want to improve and get better at every aspect of the game.  We enjoy coming to the field each day to work, get better, and have fun.”

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