There is a possibility that the Black River League Championship baseball game between Clearwater and Ellington will be played this evening at East Carter depending on field conditions.

Fri, Apr 26  6:00 pm      BRL Championship Baseball Game (if field conditions allow)

Sat, Apr 27  6:30 pm      Prom Walk/Prom to follow

Mon, Apr 29 12:30 pm   Senior Meeting in the High School Gym

Mon, Apr 29                    District Golf Tournament at Kennett

Apr 29-May 1                  District Softball Tournament at Clearwater

Tues, April 30                  Immunization clinic for Class of 2020 (Must have parent sign)

Wed, May 1   7:00 am     “See You at the Goal” with devotion and donuts

Thurs, May 2                    Ag in the Park  Cancelled due to wet weather

Fri, May 3                         Art Trip to Mineral Area College

Fri, May 3  6:00 pm       Wolfner Library Presentation @ CHS Library open to public

Fri, May 3  7:00 pm        Athletic Banquet

Mon, May 6                      Finals Hours: 2, 4, 6, 8

Tues, May 7                      Finals Hours: 1, 3, 7

Tues, May 7 8th hour     Collection of Chromebooks from all Seniors

Tues, May 7  7:00 pm     Kindergarten Graduation

Wed, May 8                      Collection of Chromebooks from all other students

Thurs, May 9  8:15 am    Awards Assembly

Thurs, May 9 12:20 pm  Last Day of School Early Dismissal

Thurs, May 9  7:00 pm   8th Grade Graduation

Fri, May 10    9:00 am    Senior Graduation Practice and Class Photo

Fri, May 10    7:00 pm    Senior Graduation

May 11-14                         District Baseball Tournament at Clearwater

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