Area sports fans are invited to a day full of volleyball action as Clearwater High School hosts the 40th Annual Clearwater Invitational Tournament on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

Pool A

Pool B
South Iron
West County

Pool Play Schedule
8:00 am   Clearwater vs. South Iron Pool B
8:45 am   Doniphan vs. West County Pool B
9:30 am   Greenville vs. Ellington Pool A
10:15 am Bunker vs. Jefferson Pool A
11:00 am Clearwater vs. Doniphan Pool B
11:30 am South Iron vs. West County Pool B
12:00 pm Greenville vs. Jefferson 1 Pool A
2:30 pm   Bunker vs. Ellington Pool A
1:00 pm   Clearwater vs. West County Pool B
1:30 pm   Doniphan vs. South Iron Pool B
2:00 pm   Bunker vs. Greenville Pool A
2:30 pm   Ellington vs. Jefferson Pool A

Semi-final matches are scheduled to start at approximately 3:30 pm and 4:45 pm. The championship match will start at approximately 6:00 pm. There will be no third place match.

All times are approximate. Starting with the 11:00 am games, matches will begin as soon as possible when both teams are ready to go. Pool play sets will begin at a score of 6-6 to keep the final at 25 points. There will be a point cap of 25.

The top two teams from each pool will advance into the tournament semi-final matches. Each match will be the best-of-three. The top team from Pool A will play the second place team from Pool B. The top team from Pool B will then play the second place from Pool A. The first semi-final match will start approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of pool play. There will be a 15 break, then the official warm-up. Semi-final matches along with the championship match will be played to regulation points with normal time-outs and warm-ups. There will be no point cap on semi-final and championship matches.

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