2020 Lady Tiger Volleyball Jamboree
Tuesday, August 25, 2020

5:00 PM Puxico vs. Clearwater
5:30 PM Ellington vs. Greenville
6:00 PM Puxico vs. Greenville
6:30 PM Puxico vs. Ellington
7:00 PM Clearwater vs. Ellington
7:30 PM Clearwater vs. Greenville

🏐The first match of the evening will start at 5:00 pm. The second match of the night will start at approximately 5:30 pm. Each
proceeding game will have a shorter/modified warm-up with listed game times being approximate. The next match will begin when both teams are ready to go. Each match will consist of two sets. Each set will be played to 15 points and will begin at a score of 10-10 to keep the final at 25 points. There will be a point cap of 25.

🏐Due to the COVID outbreak, we will be following the recommendations set forth by MSHSAA in their reopening guidance.

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