CLASSIC – It’s called Classic because it’s too luscious and rich to be plain.
TURTLE – An irresistible combination of pecans and caramel layered throughout a velvety rich cheesecake, generously topped with gourmet chocolate and even more pecans. My Daddy’s Turtle cheesecake won first place in the 1990 Gorman Best New Product of the Year Competition.
MISSISSIPPI MUD – Baked on the banks of the Mississippi, a dense, creamy, dark chocolate cheesecake smothered with dark chocolate topping and drizzled with white chocolate.
BERRY SWIRL – This cheesecake holds nothing back when it comes to richness! Taste the plump berries specially blended and swirled into the cheesecake, which is then covered with a smooth white topping and a splash of red.

Life is uncertain… Eat dessert first!
The Clearwater School Foundation is selling My Daddy’s Cheesecakes, just in time for the Christmas season! Four flavors to choose from: Classic ($15), Berry Swirl ($15), Mississippi Mud ($15), and Turtle ($16). Each cake is 2-lbs, 8”.

Cheesecakes will be ready for pick up on Fri., Dec. 18. You will be contacted by phone with details regarding the time and place.

Cheesecakes can be refrigerated for up to two weeks or frozen for 6-8 months.

Email your order and phone number to and make payment by:

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