1. FUN BUDDY PICS OF SENIORS throughout the years (preschool, kindergarten, 8th grade graduation, high school activities, etc.) These will be used to create a short video.  We cannot guarantee that ALL the photos you provide will be included, but we make a concentrated effort to make sure that everyone is represented in the video shown during graduation. Give this to Mrs. Bangert or upload through the CHS Private Photo Submission page. (It doesn’t have to be taken at school.)
  2. A CURRENT INDIVIDUAL SENIOR PORTRAIT. This can be the photo that the school photographer took, one from a studio, or even a candid taken by someone you know, as long as it is good quality. You may also make arrangements with Mrs. Bangert to take a yearbook photo. Please send the original digital image or contact your photographer to send it digitally through the CHS Private Photo Submission page. (The original image will give us the best quality photo for publication in the yearbook.)
  3. A YOUNGER INDIVIDUAL PICTURE (baby, toddler, elementary school, etc.) Bring this to school and we can scan this for you if you don’t have a digital copy.

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